No transgenders in the US military says, Trump

No transgenders in the US military says, Trump

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has announced via his Twitter account that “transgenders” will not be accepted or allowed to serve in any position of the US Military. The President focused on the increasing medical costs pertaining to this fragment of the population. This came as out-of-the-blue as Defense Secretary, Jim Mathis was only given a day of notice about this.

There has been a brewing topic for the fight on using taxpayer’s money for hormone therapy and gender transition. But Mr Trump has tactfully avoided this side of the conflict to impose the ban. There have been opposing views on how this will be implemented which concerns open-transgenders actively serving in the military.

“That’s something that the Department of Defense and the White House will have to work together as implementation takes place and is done so lawfully,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said.

Proclaiming himself as an ‘ally’ to gays, lesbians and transgenders, Mr Trump has contradicted himself by issuing such an order. Several rights and activists group have come out in protests to challenge such an order.

This decision reverses the gradual change of the military which was brought about Former President, Barack Obama, whose administration had announced last year that transgender people would be allowed to serve openly in the army.




Metal Detectors to be removed from Temple Mount

After a week of violence and protests by the people, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that the metal detectors installed at the Mount Doom, Al Aqsa, among many others will be removed. The Israel PM says that the Government will look towards subtler means of security to keep the wrongdoers at bay.

The metal detectors at these religious institutions were installed after a fight between two armed civilians and policemen in the area. These led to the Government taking up new measures to strengthen the security. But this has led to protests by people all over the country and abroad as it defiles the place of worship and prayer.

The Palestine Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah has suspended all forms of communication with Israel. Various religious groups have condemned the Israeli PM for such an act.


Kushner denies colluding with Russia

Kushner denies colluding with Russia

Son-in-law and Senior advisor to President Trump, Jared Kushner has emphasized on Monday, that he “hadn’t colluded or know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded with any foreign government“. This comes after a January 2017 assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) stated that Russian leadership preferred presidential candidate Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered an “influence campaign” to harm Clinton’s electoral chances and “undermine public faith in the US democratic process.”

This reminds us of the hit Netflix series House of Cards where becoming the most powerful man on earth, is the road less traveled by. Mr. Kushner says that his 4 meetings with Russia interlocutors were not special, following his closed door meeting with the US Senate.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the official investigating over the matter has been publicly admonished by President Trump. Even Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has seen worsening relations with the US President, after Tillerson disapproved of the snub.


Polish Outrage with un’polished’ brand of Politics

Polish Outrage with un’polished’ brand of Politics

Poland Prime Minister and leader of the Governing party, Karslow Kaczynski has a proposed law to bring the judicial system under the executive control. Currently, the Supreme Court appoints its judges by the decision of an independent council, but the reform will lead the Polish government to choose the judges who represent the judiciary at the apex court of the country. This has led to protests from the citizens over the country. Former President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Lech Walesa has urged his countrymen to fight for the “freedom that was given to them in 1989”, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The citizen have taken to the streets with many candle-lit marches as well as demonstrations to protest against such an un-democratic law.

The opponents have marked this as a threat to the democracy, the very edifice on which the country was built on. The current President, Andzrej Duda has been appealed to veto such a law, and to keep the democracy of the country intact. The reform will bring in more political influence on the Supreme Court and will be robbed of it’s integrity and independence.

The European Union has warned the Polish Government against said judicial reforms and threatened to strip Poland of it’s voting rights in the European Union.

Will the “Era of Darkness” ever end?

Will the “Era of Darkness” ever end?

India achieved freedom from the British oppression in the year 1947, but the essence of colonialism is still very much present in the soul of the country was what Dr Shashi Tharoor says in his short talk addressing students in the Mount Carmel College, Bangalore on 22nd July, 2017. Dr Tharoor is a well known figure all over the world, and has held important positions in the United Nations and the Indian Parliament, among many others.

A current Member of the Lok Sabha, Dr Tharoor focuses on the consequence of the British Rule even after 70 years of Independence. In his book, “An Era of Darkness”, he talks about the policies, schemes and plans of the British Government to hollow out the Indian reserves of wealth, trade and economy to leave us as one of the poorest countries in the year 1947, when they finally left. His talk, much like his speech at Oxford, touched at the cruel and gruesome oppression of the British oppression which has continued to haunt us even now.

Dr Tharoor during his talk

He goes on how rich our country was before the British landed here, as India accounted for 27% of the global GDP and “Made in India” was a mark of quality. He also talk about the ‘muslin’ cloth made by Indian weavers which felt like “air”, Karnataka’s “Ukku Steel” was supposedly, the best steel in the world, and it led the Arabs to import huge amounts of it, which has now turned into “Damascus Steel”. He criticizes Lord Clive by saying “how they took the Hindi word “loot” into their dictionaries, and into their habits”.

While the British rule supporter harp on about the fact that how “Railways were brought to India by the British”, he clarifies by saying that it was just to get the minerals and reserves from the interiors of India to the ports, and to get the soldiers to the interiors to control any type of internal rebellion. He says that the British did everything for their own benefit, to fill up their coffers that any “benefit to Indians was purely coincidental”. He goes on to quote that “1/6th of the British army during the First World War were Indians. But there has been no acknowledgement or commemoration for it”. He ends his eloquent talk by saying “colonialism has left the country, but it still resides in our minds”.

Dr Tharoor answering questions asked by the crowd

Then, we moved on to the Q&A session which consisted his opinion on a number of current affairs in politics and the future of the country, asked by the young hopeful students in the Diamond Jubilee auditorium. To avoid being tardy in his next appointment, he left with much hurry to a standing ovation by the crowd.

A talk of very short duration, but with great substance for us to ponder over which decides the future the country.

Supreme Courts asks the Centre to improve conditions for Widows

Supreme Courts asks the Centre to improve conditions for Widows

Accepting the desperate need to improve conditions for widows in the country, Supreme Court on Tuesday issued orders to the Centre to enhance the state of destitute widows in the country.

The Supreme Court of India bench comprising of Justices Madan Bhokur and Deepak Gupta has asked the Central Government to boost the re-marriage of widows and formulate plans to get them rehabilitated into the normal lives of the society.

The idea of widowhood has a mark of disgrace in this country, and the apex body of justice has advised the Centre to take steps to eliminate the shame, stigma and dishonour attached to this in the country, which has touched so many lives over the course of years.