The Messy Trump Administration

The Messy Trump Administration

White House, the residence of the President of the United States has been the mark of status and civility for years now. But since the appointment of Donald Trump, the politics in the White House has taken a turn towards the dirty. In the 6 months that he has been in power at the helm of the US Government, the smooth flow of the mundane and menial functioning of the administration has taken a heavy blow.

Donald Trump is an eccentric person, whose views and ideologies differ from the people around him and this has led him to publicly admonish several high ranking officials using the much-hyped microblogging site, Twitter. It was a shock to the world when the head of Trump organisation was listed as one of the most powerful men on earth, by Forbes. A man who likes to be among controversies and on the news (usually for the wrong reasons) has had turbulent times since his opening address and this unsteadiness is on a rise.

Mr Trump came to be the President by striking the deep seated racism present in the Americans mingled with a bit of misogyny. Trump has already rolled back several of the progressive policies made by the erstwhile president Barack Obama; the Paris Climate Accord, ObamaCare and the recent ban of transgenders in military  are among many others. Also, to add to these ridiculous set of policies, he enforced a travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries.

The Trump administration has had several exits of high ranking officials, too.  James Comey (former FBI Director), Michael Flynn (former National Security Advisor), Sean Spicer (former White House Press Secretary) are among the list of people who have been dismissed from the services or have resigned due to several (mostly personal) differences. The recent casualty in this sacking saga is Anthony Scaramucci, who was the Communications Director in the Trump administration following his interview with the journalist from New Yorker, Ryan Lizza. Scaramucci was under fire after his declining relationship with former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus who resigned a few days earlier.

To add on to all this the Congress has passed a law to issue sanctions against Russia on the basis of a report by the director of Intelligence which suggests the manipulation of the 2016 US Presidential Elections, which has led Mr Trump to do something which he clearly doesn’t want to do. Also, there is a possibility of impeachment of Trump looming over which has led Vice President Mike Pence to get ready to shift from the Number One Observatory Circle to the White House.

Will Donald Trump be able to finish his term, and be capable of seeking reelection? Or will he be impeached? We’ll find out in the years to come.


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