Polish Outrage with un’polished’ brand of Politics

Polish Outrage with un’polished’ brand of Politics

Poland Prime Minister and leader of the Governing party, Karslow Kaczynski has a proposed law to bring the judicial system under the executive control. Currently, the Supreme Court appoints its judges by the decision of an independent council, but the reform will lead the Polish government to choose the judges who represent the judiciary at the apex court of the country. This has led to protests from the citizens over the country. Former President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Lech Walesa has urged his countrymen to fight for the “freedom that was given to them in 1989”, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The citizen have taken to the streets with many candle-lit marches as well as demonstrations to protest against such an un-democratic law.

The opponents have marked this as a threat to the democracy, the very edifice on which the country was built on. The current President, Andzrej Duda has been appealed to veto such a law, and to keep the democracy of the country intact. The reform will bring in more political influence on the Supreme Court and will be robbed of it’s integrity and independence.

The European Union has warned the Polish Government against said judicial reforms and threatened to strip Poland of it’s voting rights in the European Union.


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